A Photographer's Journey Through Yellowstone

Many of the images in this book were not taken on a remote trip into the back country of the park. In fact none of them were. They were taken from the roadsides of the park’s highways, or from one of the easy-to-access trails at the numerous points of interest throughout the park. For a lot of us, making the big hiking trips is simply not possible, but this in no way limits our enjoyment of the park, or, more importantly, our picture-taking opportunities, as you will see as you browse through the pages of this book

This book is the result of over four years of photographing in my favorite place in the world, Yellowstone National Park. Spring, summer and fall I would make the pilgrimage up to the park, anxious to see what had occurred since my last trip. Had the buffalo calves dropped as expected in the spring? Were the elk calves due soon?
Were the bears and wolves making lives miserable for the mother elk? The questions were endless, the answers always differently the same. I was home again, catching up on the neighborhood news. All I needed to do was get busy taking pictures, which is what I did, usually from sunup until it was too dark to see through my viewfinder. The days were always too short regardless of their length.

As an artist and photographer I like deep, rich colors and unusual textures and patterns. Consequently my images reflect this. I am constantly looking for the best light, or an unexpected texture, or the most interesting patterns, and I am never disappointed. The opportunities to create pictures in Yellowstone National Park are truly unlimited.