The Photography of Dwight Lutsey


North of Ft. Collins, Colorado, very near the summit of the mountain known as Bonner Peak, is a log home where photographer Dwight Lutsey has his studio.

Situated on an old high-country cattle ranch, you can gaze south and see the snow-covered peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park, or look to the east, where the sun comes up and the Plains run on forever. It is on these nearly 4000 acres of Ponderosa pines and rock outcroppings, sheer drop-offs and grass-covered meadows that he finds many of the subjects of his work. Mulies, black bears, golden eagles and the occasional mountain lion, are all seen at various times of the year, not to mention the sweeping vistas at every turn, so vast you have to back up to look at them. Inspiration is never a problem, as the seasons constantly change, the animals come and go, and the weather changes as fast as you can look out the window.

Dwight Lutsey has been a sculptor, furniture builder, landscape designer and an accomplished artist in many mediums, but his primary love is photography. Self-taught, unencumbered and unimpressed by the rules that the established art world would impose on its practitioners, he follows a different path toward his idea of artistic excellence.

Letting his eyes direct his lens, and his sense of composition create the scenes in his view finder, it is his nearly thirty years of experience creating art of all types that tells him when to push the shutter and bring the image home.

Art to him is being able to see and comprehend beauty, and then restate it in one form or another to the very best of his ability.

Dwight Lutsey tries to do that, and every so often succeeds.

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